This is a 2 hour introduction into the world of mosaics.


* a presentation of the different materials and tools used for mosaic making from ancient times starting with pebble mosaics, marbles and stone right through to our contemporary days with recycled items, glass, mirror, broken dishes, ceramic tiles and many more

* each participant will have a hands on experience on how to use the cutting tools appropriate for each material

*  The workshops are conducted outdoors in a tranquil studio garden setting amongst flowers and orange trees..located at 132 Konstantinou Palaiologou Street in the heart of the City of Sparta, Laconia.

*  Duration:  3 hour workshop from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  • a traditional sweet will be offered at the end of the presentation
  • Languages offered:  Conducted in English 
  • Parking is free just outside the workshop venues
  • Great for:  individuals, families and groups.  
  • Experience:   No previous mosaic experience is necessary.
  • Price:      15 euros per person inclusive of 24% VAT.   ( for 2023 year) 

Bookings upon request at

or on messenger on fb mosaicartgreece