We all need them and these are some of my favorites.

When you're in the Peloponnese and looking for people, products and services you can trust, these are a few on my growing list. Please tell them Dimitra sent you :-)

Check back often as I will keep adding to this list.

  • Iron Junk Art

    Alexander Papastratigakis is an incredibly talented artist that fabricates unique handmade sculptures from scrap metal. His portfolio is stunning and I can never wait to see what his imagination inspires him to create next. (www.ironjunkart.com)

  • MANI's first E-BIKE & Sailboat tours

    Travel services, sailing, ebikes, E-scapes. My friends Pierro Thomakos and Sheri Hunt take a holistic approach to travel and create experiences that cater to your sense of discovery, adventure and whatever pace you desire. (www.maniescapes.com)

  • Taleton Eco-Guesthouse in Xirokambi

    Clean, authentic, accommodations. A comfortable and cozy place where you can feel at home. Taleton is wonderfully situated in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges and is an excellent base for various activities. Say hello to Carolein and Hetty. (https://taleton.gr/en/)

  • Chous Cermaics

    Despina Chroni is my neighbor. We share the same neo-classical space . If you're dropping in on me, you must stop in and visit this creative soul and marvel at the Ceramic Artware. (www.chousceramics.com) Website coming soon!

  • Coming Soon!

    A few more of my trusted friends and colleagues will be featured on his page as soon as they provide me their information. Some things a simply worth the wait. :-)

  • Just for fun

    Knock knock.

    Who's there?


    Grout who?

    Grout out of my way, I'm on a tessellation roll!

    OK, bad joke. Sorry.