Welcome friends to the world of mosaics!

Nestled amidst the sun-drenched gardens of a historic building in Sparta,Greece, you'll find my little haven – a studio that's more than just a workspace, it's a meeting point for hearts and minds.  It wasn't always amidst olive groves and ancient ruins that I found my artistic calling.

I hail from bustling Toronto,Canada, but for the past 25 years, Sparta has woven its magic around me. My parents are from nearby villages so the attraction to the region was authentic, natural – deeply personal and spiritual in many ways. My father was from the village of Mystras, a UNESCO World Heritage site that thousands visit every year, just a few minutes from Sparta.

The rugged beauty of the Peloponnese, the warmth of its people, and the whispers of history echoing through the centuries – these are the threads that weave themselves into every piece I create. 

I wouldn't call myself a master, not by any stretch, but people from all corners of the world seem to like my work. I pour my heart and soul into each mosaic, finding beauty in the unexpected. Instead of the usual suspects, I love to breathe new life into discarded treasures –pebbles smoothed by time, fragments of marble whispering stories, even bits of china that once graced a family table. It's like giving them a second chance to shine, each imperfection adding its own unique touch to the larger picture.

Maybe it's the Canadian in me, but I blush a little when people call me an artist,  Or maybe its my laconic and spartan DNA.  I’m strong, confident and approach art with passion and conviction.  But there is one thing I know for sure, it's the joy of creating. And that joy is what I love to share.

My studio isn't just a place for me to work, it's a "steki," a gathering place where friends, visitors, and even curious souls can come and learn the art of mosaics or just contemplate life. It's humbling to watch their eyes light up as they discover the magic of transforming ordinary materials into something extraordinary. 

Whether through workshops or tutorials, we share knowledge, empowering each other to discover the joy of creating and living. So, dear friend, if you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Sparta, come visit my little corner of the world. There might not be fancy displays or polished showrooms, but I promise you'll find something more valuable – a genuine connection, a glimpse into the heart of Greece, and maybe even the spark of inspiration to create your own little piece of beauty.

I may not be a master, but I'm a passionate storyteller, weaving tales with every tesserae (a small block of stone, tile, glass or other material used in construction of a mosaic). And that, I believe, is something to be proud of and to celebrate.